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Domestic Violence
No Respect, No Relationship

Anj's Personal Story:
At 16, her life changed forever when she was brutally bashed to near death by her ex-boyfriend. She suffered severe brain injury and spent 3 grueling years in hospital, rehab and a nursing home before being able to return home, still needing full time care. The government released a DVD in 2004 based on Anj's story called ' Loves Me, Loves Me Not' as part of the Federal Government Campaign 'Violence Against Women, Australia Says No', which went to every school in Australia. Despite the enormous challenges she faces daily, Anj is determined to open the hearts and minds of others. She campaigns and educates the public on anti-violence, talking to Students, Men, Women, Health Workers, Police and Politicians. Anj empowers others to say ‘no’ to violence, by advocating respectful relationships.

Domestic Violence is a huge problem in Australia, as in other parts of the world.
Anj is doing her best to change this, she would love to see an end to all violence.

To get in touch with Anj regarding speaking engagements please visit 'Contact Me'.

Other organizations advocating and educating against violence:

For more on Anj's story, you can obtain the 'Loves Me, Loves Me Not' Angela Barker Story from the government, for free, on (02) 6269 1000.

Or visit Cindy Godden's website to view her Photo Essay on Anj.

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