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Acquired Brain Injury / Young People in Nursing Homes / National Disability Insurance Scheme 

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

Anyone can receive an Acquired Brain Injury at any time in their lives. An ABI injury can occur as a result of an assault, stroke, asthma attack, alcohol induced incident, car accident, sports injury or at birth.

Many brain injuries, are totally unnecessary.

Whatever the reason a brain injury has a severe impact on you, your family, friends and community. You are not entitled to compensation if you receive your brain injury, other than at work or in a car accident. This is why the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is so important. So all Australians are treated as equals and receive the appropriate life long care and rehabilitation they need to be able to recover and return to their community.

'The most important thing is funding for therapies, because without that I wouldn't be able to walk, talk and participate in my life'

The main reason why so many young people end up in nursing homes is due to lack of compensation and funding. So hopefully the NDIS will alleviate this problem.

Young People In Nursing Homes

Young people in aged care facilities is a national disgrace, which should not be applicable in today's modern, growing society. Aged care facilities are not created to encourage young people to recover, reach their potential and achieve their goals and dreams because they are not engaging nor encouraging at all. Anj describes the two and a half years spent housed in a nursing home as ‘living hell’, and that 'Nursing Homes are a very morbid place'. No young person should have to live in a nursing home.

In Australia too many young people end up in Nursing Homes due to lack of funding.

Hopefully with the introduction of the NDIS this problem will be eliminated.

There are many organisations working hard towards getting young people more appropriate accommodation and housing.

Please follow the links and help support these great organisations.

To support the NDIS please visit the Every Australian Counts website and sign up.

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